For a quiet little spot, Baxter’s Pond sees lots of action—from bundled up volunteers planting spring bulbs,
to strolling couples, fleets of handmade sailboats, and the occasional night heron.

The next big thing is

    Group effort hillside cleaning
; BPF trustee Ed Athanasian (middle at left), his two sons, and Marion Samson raking
; the Mastronardis (right) burying bulbs

November, 2013 Planning ahead for spring
Friends and neighbors gathered to plant, rake and bag debris on a sparkling November morning.
Come March, keep your eyes on the hillside by the sedimentation basin,
for what we hope will be "…a host of golden daffodils.

Beside the lake, beneath the trees," etc. (with apologies to Yeats).

Ready, set....                                                          Uh oh. Where's the wind?                                         Proud winners

June, 2013 Model boat regatta at HarborFest
Several hundred people squeezed into our little park that day. Volunteers, Port Washington third-graders and their
parents descended on our tiny pond to cheer on the sailboats, carefully crafted from orange juice,
milk and various waxed cartons. It was a sunny, still morning and, with a wee bit of help
from P. W. Fire Department fans, the mini yachts "flew" down the pond. Photos by Andrea Watson


March, 2013 BPF Gala
Raising funds can be jolly when combined with wine, food, dancing, auctions, laughter and a celebration of spring.
Here we all are en fete
at Manhasset Bay Yacht Club. Photos by Tab Hauser

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